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The return to wild life. In osmosis with nature. Desire for wide open spaces, immense and infinite plains. Desire to take to the open sea, from Vercors to Utah, from Katmandu to Lima. Need to breathe, to go green. Need for everything, need for far away. To feel the fresh air on your face, this whiplash, this spleen, to be green in your head. Back to basics, to fundamentals. Like zero waste, buckwheat pancakes, and Rachel Green's tapered gradient. Be like Diego, free in your head. Freedom, equality, sisterhood. Autumn ignites the forests. Warms our hearts in anticipation of a winter where life seems to be on pause. We choose seasonal materials, those that reassure: a velvet dress in comforting green, with colorful patterns. An exuberant scarf because you're worth it, because we want you to. A spicy hat for the touch of color, the wind of freedom, the allure, the look. To hide, to reveal yourself. WILD reinvents for you the mid-season wardrobe, the one that gives the A, the C, the one that knows the song so well that it rewrites the lyrics. For us, the call of the great outdoors is obvious. The call of the elsewhere, of the adventure. Going on Route 66, climbing in the big parks, venturing off the beaten track. Our clothes are designed for all adventurers. Those who see the glass as half full.

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